Sock Talk

Cotton vs Polyester Socks? Which sock is better?

When choosing between cotton and polyester, really both constructions are terrific, but it depends on your activity. Cotton constructions are preferred, because they're soft and they're comfortable. They're perfect for all day wear. Our TCK Brands, Monday, Tuesday Dress Socks are the perfect blend of cotton and stretchy spandex, for a great stay up fit. We use a special blend of combed ring-spun cotton that gives extra smoothness, and a wonderful durability for long-lasting wear.

Man-made fibers, such as polyester, that we use, wick moisture away from the feet, to keep them cool and comfortable. Our Stash & Dash Crew Sock, from our TCK Brands Zipline®, both has an ingenuous design with a special stash pocket. It's unique construction of three plies of Dry-IQ® polyester keeps you cool when you're on the move, or if you're working out.

Moisture Wicking socks. How does Moisture Wicking Work?

Moisture wicking performance yarns, like the polyester Sorbtek found in the TCK Brands Stash & Dash athletic crew, helps move the moisture or sweat away from the foot so that it can evaporate, keeping your foot cool and dry. The Stash & Dash crew also has a great zippered pocket feature. It's ideal for stashing your cash or key and is perfect for that person with an active lifestyle.

What are the best socks for keeping your feet warm?

The best socks for keeping your feet warm and dry are made with Merino wool. Merino wool is a super soft wool that also offers natural wicking abilities to keep your feet warm and dry. Wool is a natural insulator and it also helps inhibit odor, too. Our Day Tripper and our Far Trek socks offer super comfort and resilience because of different levels of cushioning. These socks are great for hiking or if you just want to wear them to a football game in December.

Now, if your feet are cold or if you just want to get warm and cozy on a winter night, you should try our double layer, Sherpa-lined cozy socks. The Miss Chalet and The Snow Christie, have beautifully designed outer layers. But inside is a fluffy, soft, fleece lining of Sherpa. These socks are terrific to keep your feet warm or to give as a gift.

What is the Most Comfortable Sock from TCK Brands?

Comfort comes in many forms like our TCK Brand’s Happy Camper Sock. It has a Sherpa lining and a Memory Foam sole, not to mention a ribbed welt so it will stay on your foot while walking around. It is great for wearing around the house or camping. It's like wearing a sleeping bag on your foot!