Light Compression Performance and Recovery Tabbed Low Crew Sock
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Maximize your workout and increase your stamina through quicker recovery with light compression socks. But do you prefer a lower sock design? Would a safety reflector help? Do you want to live a more eco-friendly life? Here’s how our innovative tabbed low crew sock can help.

  • Convertible Tab Low Crew sock with Light Grade (10-15 mmHg) Compression to increase your blood-flow and reduce muscle fatigue
  • Reflective Pine Cone logo on back of the leg so that you can be safe during nighttime workouts
  • Durable Memory yarn by XS REPREVE® - yarn created from recycled water bottles is a responsible choice so even your workouts can "go green", plus it's crazy good at wicking moisture
Technical Features:
  • Quilted Ventilation with Ankle Support
  • Memory cushioning support at both the Achilles and sole of foot for best possible fit
  • Quilted mesh arch support
  • Ultra-smooth toe closure
  • TCK Knit-in logo at toe
  • Available Colors: White/Grey, Black/Grey